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You are never too late to start working on how your assets will be handled once you pass away or become incapable of tackling things independently.

Your assets can be physical, intangible, operating, or non-operating. For instance, any property, including your cash, jewelry, investments, house, savings, retirement account, and more, makes up your estate.  

Therefore, estate planning extends far beyond just real estate. The process involves organizing, classifying, and making appropriate plans for handling your affairs after you die or become incapacitated.

Estate procedure is indeed an overwhelming process and impossible without a professional Erie PA real estate attorney.

At real estate attorney Erie PA, we want to simplify your estate plans and make the paperwork more manageable for you. As such, we offer solid solutions to the daunting task of estate planning by connecting you with professional estate lawyers in Erie PA.

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About Estate Attorney Erie PA

Benjamin Franklin quotes, “You may delay, but time will not.” Perhaps we all know that we need a real estate plan. However, regrettably, only a few of us do anything about it. In fact, a study reveals that half of the American adults don’t have a will

Because the clock is ticking, we are here to help you put together an estate plan before it’s too late. At estate planning attorney Erie PA, we connect you to highly skilled and trained lawyers that handle the task for you. 

The staff uses the latest technology to make the process efficient and effective. Because our goal is to deliver the highest quality of work to our clients, we ensure that you hire the most professional and experienced lawyers. 

Our licensed attorneys have years of experience in the field and provide the most appropriate solutions to your problems. Not only do they address your current issues, but they look forward to resolving your future problems efficiently. 

The lawyers we connect to our clients have a history of positive and successful outcomes. Their past clients are delighted with how they solved their problems, prevented family conflicts, and offered genuine solutions regarding assets. 

When a client reaches out to us, our only priority is to listen to their concerns and connect them to the best attorney. For this reason alone, we focus less on clients’ wallets and more on their pain points. 

At estate lawyer Erie PA, we value your assets and seek to secure them at low costs. However, we never compromise our service’ quality but help you achieve your goals at affordable rates. 

An Erie PA Real Estate Attorney and What They Do

You might think of men dressed up in formal attires defending clients in a court on hearing the word estate attorneys or lawyers. No one is to blame here, though; that’s precisely what the media has stereotyped about lawyers. 

Actually, a real estate lawyer Erie PA plays a much different role than attorneys who fight for clients in court. Instead, they perform a more fulfilling duty in today’s modern world. 

But before we explain what an estate attorney is, it is imperative to know what estate is in the first place. Most probably, the word estate makes us think of giant buildings or houses that belong to someone. 

In reality, they could be anything from houses to bank accounts to cars and even pets. Essentially, anything that you possess makes up your estate. 

An estate lawyer is responsible for organizing all your possessions. This, in turn, helps people manage the belongings following your death. While the process sounds intimidating – of course, nobody likes to think of death – we cannot deny its significance either. 

Perhaps you’ve seen films where the attorney announces the will after the death of a wealthy person. Who is getting what from their assets and how much – all of it is explicitly read by estate lawyers in Erie PA

Their job is to handle and manage someone’s possessions before and after death. 

We’ll take a closer look at the duties of an attorney. 

Write Living Wills

A living will, also known as an advance directive, refers to the legal documentation that allows you to state your medical care preferences if you become incapable of making your own decisions. This can happen if you become severely injured, terminally ill, experience dementia, or are near the end of your life. Note that living wills aren’t only for older adults. Unexpected life changes can happen at any age. So, if you’re in your teenage or early adulthood, it would be wrong to assume that you do not need it. When you think ahead, you reduce confusion about your choices. On top of that, you get the treatment you want and are spared from further agony. An estate attorney helps write your living will by addressing possible end-of-life care decisions. For instance, you may want to specify your treatment procedures that highlight if you want to donate your organs after death or not.

Draft Last Wills and Testaments

As the name implies, your last will involves legal documentation about your final wishes regarding your possessions and dependents. It outlines what to do about the assets. For instance, you may want to donate them to a charity organization or a group, or perhaps leave them for another person of your choice. Simply put, last wills and testaments give you control over what happens to your possessions after you pass away. In fact, it is a key element of an estate plan to ensure that your assets are settled in the way you want. Fortunately, estate lawyers Erie PA help draft, sign, and implement your last will through legal procedures and per the state laws. Not only this, they guide and advise you about your will and other available options.

Set up Trusts

This is crucial to those with dependents. A real estate attorney Erie PA organizes and manages your assets when you select a person or entity to receive your money, jewelry, or other belongings. For example, you may want to pay a portion of your money for your child’s schooling. Now, if the money would be handed over to the child, they might use it otherwise. A trust ensures that your money is utilized per your stated and intended purpose.

Help Figure Out When to Include Something In a Will

There are several ways to entrust your possessions to the people before you pass away, and they don’t have to entail all of the red tapes that come with inherited assets. When you figure out what you have to give and to whom before an accident or other severe incident, you can limit what you choose to include in your will.

Reduce Inheritance Taxes and Probate Costs

The inheritance laws vary from country to country and state to state. Therefore, to whom your assets will be transferred and what procedures will be followed varies depending on your location. A professional estate lawyer can help you get familiar with how the laws work in your region and give the best possible recommendations.

Guide About Caring for Dependent Loved Ones

Perhaps you have a guardian in mind who will take care of your children after you pass away or something happens to you. This could be someone who isn’t directly related to you. A real estate lawyer Erie PA helps to put everything on paper and manages the entire process to ensure your children are looked after when you’re not around.

Prevent the Family from Unnecessary Conflict

Hiring a real estate attorney Erie PA is an excellent way to prevent unnecessary family conflict and drama. Simply put, without a lawyer, many family members would want to be a part of the estate process, which creates chaos and conflict. If you keep them away from the probate process, they would likely feel that you are hiding something from them. In reality, the more people get involved in the process, the more complicated it gets. Everybody puts forth their unique suggestions and might disagree with your approach regarding estate issues. Nonetheless, an estate lawyer helps avoid the tension and gives clarity regarding any questions; this, in turn, reduces conflict and makes the process smoother. Not only this, it decreases the chance of someone getting accused of not handling the estate properly.
real estate attorney erie pa
real estate attorney erie pa
real estate attorney erie pa

Estate Lawyer Qualifications In the US

Estate lawyers Erie PA should have a Juris Doctor degree, and the same goes for the attorneys in the US. The lawyers with JD degrees also have to pass the bar exam for whichever state they want to practice in. 

While the degree and exam are difficult and milestones per se, and anyone with these worthy endeavors can practice as a lawyer, it is always better to specialize in estate law. 

Specializing in estate law means having a skill beyond standard tests and classrooms. 

Undoubtedly, anyone with experience in estate law can help you with the estate process but only to a certain extent. It takes years of professional training and working with a qualified law agency to specialize in estate law. 

So, perhaps a person who specializes in estate law is more skilled, experienced, and expert in their field. They know the nitty-gritty of estate laws and how they work and give you the best possible solutions for your probate process. 

Therefore, it is best to research and seek lawyers who specialize in estate laws and cater to your needs. This may be someone you would want to build a long-term relationship with. Because, of course, the probate process is not an overnight procedure. 

So, ideally, it is best to find someone you can trust with your estate planning process.

An expert attorney picks up your wants and needs through a single meaningful conversation and avoids the headache of the daunting procedure. 

Reasons to Hire an Erie PA Real Estate Attorney

Whether you want to draft your own will or are in charge of someone else’s estate, a probate lawyer can help in different ways. As stated earlier, they know the details of the entire process and give the most honest and meaningful advice to prevent confusion. 

Even if you are a savvy person and know a lot about your state’s estate laws, writing wills and managing the whole procedure is not as straightforward as it looks. 

Down the line, you can easily run into unexpected problems that can further complicate the process. So, regardless of how knowledgeable you are, it’s always better to entrust your tasks to an Erie PA real estate attorney. 

Below, we’ll walk you through some primary reasons you should hire a probate lawyer for your estate plan.

Gives Advice on How to Avoid Disputes

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Different family members have varying opinions regarding the estate. As such, it can easily lead to disputes. However, a real estate attorney Erie PA can help avoid conflicts, making the process more manageable for you. A probate lawyer is a professional who doesn’t relate to your or your family, and they bring more objectivity into the situation.

Addresses Your Problems and Questions

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You’ll undoubtedly run into a plethora of questions during the process of estate planning. For instance, do all your assets need probating? What if you pass away with an unpaid debt? Can you choose not to give your assets to your family members? A probate lawyer addresses such questions and more for you. Besides, they give you invaluable advice. A single mistake during estate planning can cause problems in the long run. However, an experienced lawyer ensures that doesn’t happen.

Help Prevent Your Assets

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An estate lawyer ensures that your family doesn’t jump through hoops when you are no longer around and therefore seeks to prevent your assets. A typical estate plan includes trust, will, power of attorney, guardianship nomination, medical directive, general assignment, and more. These (and other) documents specify the following things: If you have children, the guardianship nomination allows you to choose who you want to look after your kids when you are gone. The nomination document is the only proof the court will have after your death. However, note that this document is just a nomination. The court will still investigate the guardian before appointing them. Your possessions would be handed over to the people you love the most. This typically includes a set of rules that state who will receive the inheritance and when. For instance, you can set up a trust for your kids to receive your estate at a particular age. On the surface, asset prevention seems like a straightforward process, but a single missed signature or wrong word can leave your family unprotected and make them suffer. Meeting an estate lawyer ensures that you cover all the bases, giving you a sigh of relief.

Help Avoid Costly Probate Process

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In all honesty, estate planning is not cheap. Of course, any procedure meant to prevent your assets and care for your family would cost you money. But here’s the deal, if you do it on your own, you may run into more unexpected costs, making the plan even more expensive. However, an estate lawyer takes prompt actions to control your assets, preventing loss or theft. Also, they give suggestions about taxes and mortgages to help you avoid penalties. Besides, they also evaluate notices from lenders to determine their authenticity. So, if you do not want to hike the already costly probate process, it’s better to let the real estate attorney Erie PA handle things for you.

Update Your Documents As Required

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Life changes, and so do our choices and circumstances, and it's perfectly alright. Maybe you gave birth, got divorced or married, or perhaps your chosen trustees aged. Not only this, but some of us also run into unexpected family problems that alter our relationships with each other. Therefore, you may want to update your state plan over time. Contacting a real estate lawyer Erie PA after a significant life event helps you update your legal documents. The attorney ensures to modify your papers per your needs and wishes. Highly trained probate lawyers have extensive knowledge in the estate planning process and can save you in the event of unanticipated life changes.

Save Your Time and Energy

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An attorney organizes all your wishes and records. This enables your beloved ones to find the following things after you die: Insurance policies Financial records Insurance policies Titles Beneficiary designations On top of that, they help you figure out and resolve errors while you are still alive. Simply put, you have a chance to fix them in your lifetime. Not sure what common mistakes you can run into during estate planning? We’ll explain. One common error committed in the process of estate planning is of nominating beneficiaries. The tax consequences of selecting certain beneficiaries to receive your 401ks or Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), for instance, can be substantial. Other typical errors that a probate lawyer can help you avoid include: Not completing the entire process Not drafting an estate plan Forgetting to include certain people or assets Creating an insufficient estate plan Failing to alter the estate plan after significant life changes A probate lawyer also eliminates the hassle of creating an entire estate plan. Beyond that, they reduce additional court costs, taxes, and professional fees. The moment you feel the need to visit the court to adjust your estate plan, all your savings will probably go down the drain. But when you work with a professional attorney, it eliminates the chance of costing you extra money.

Reduce Tax Liabilities

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Various factors determine whether or not your state is liable for federal estate taxes. These include: Debt you owe when you’re about to pass away Total worth of your gross assets Deductions that your estate may qualify for Total costs of drafting your estate plan Knowing this, you can calculate your total estate by considering the gross estate minus expenses and debts, transfers (to a trustee), and donations. Then you have to subtract the federal inheritance tax exemption from your total estate. Perhaps the entire tax process is complicated, and if you do not know the precise details, you’ll quickly end up paying more than required. A real estate lawyer Erie PA helps reduce the tax liabilities because they understand all the involved taxes pretty well.

They Draft a Real Estate Plan that Caters to Your Unique Needs

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Although the basics of estate planning remain the same, you may want to alter them per your unique circumstances. For instance, you may have a kid with special needs who the government supports. In that case, inheriting assets outright to your kid might minimize or eliminate their public benefits. Fortunately, several types of trusts help you support your loved ones by inheriting assets and allowing your children to receive general perks simultaneously. However, setting up a trust in such circumstances is a complicated procedure and requires proper estate planning. You need to hire a real estate lawyer Erie PA who understands the details of special needs trusts and ensures maximum protection for your loved ones. A real estate attorney Erie PA will avoid cutting government benefits while your child receives the much-needed inheritance.

Importance of Estate Planning

The Estate Planning Attorney Erie PA Locals Can Depend On!

An estate plan helps you distribute your property, cash, belongings, and other financial assets per your will and desires. If you would not make these decisions when you are able and alive, the court or state law will make them for you after you pass away. 

This might result in decisions against your will, which might not suit your family. 

To avoid such a situation because of an accident or sudden death, you must consider estate planning. Also, your age or the amount of wealth you own doesn’t count; estate planning is for everyone. 

Here are a few points that shed light on the importance of estate planning: 

  • An estate plan helps you explain who should receive your money from retirement accounts, insurance policies, financial accounts, and more. 
  • The medical directives allow you to pinpoint the kind of treatment you’d want if you become disabled. 
  • An estate lawyer can appoint people who’d take necessary financial or medical decisions if you become incapacitated. 
  • Dying without a will indicates that state laws determine what will happen to your estate and who’ll own which assets. Nonetheless, the paperwork carried out during the probate process ensures that you inherit your assets to those you want. No one is allowed to touch your estate, and the court goes through every detail and implements decisions accordingly. 
  • You can ensure that your assets are passed down to your heirs without the federal government or state putting hefty taxes on them. You can create joint accounts, set up trusts, or include irreversible gifts. 

These moves eliminate assets from your estate. Nonetheless, you need an appropriate estate plan to implement such meaningful actions. 

  • Imagine passing without a surviving spouse. Your children would suffer and may enter foster care due to your negligence. Creating an estate plan and nominating a guardian is always wise to ensure your children receive the inheritance. 
  • Lastly, an estate plan isn’t about everything that happens after your death. It comes in handy even when you are living and healthy. For instance, legal documents like healthcare proxy and power of attorney ensure that your matters will be held per your wishes if you cannot handle them permanently or temporarily. 

Exciting Facts About Estate Planning

What’s better than securing your children’s future and dictating your will before passing away? Estate planning helps you preserve, manage, and distribute your estate after your death. 

Besides, if a severe accident or life event makes you incapacitated, an estate plan will manage your assets and provide you with the medical treatment you need. 

Check out some interesting facts about estate planning below. 

Why Choose Estate Planning Attorney Erie PA?

Partnered With Erie PA Real Estate Attorney Locals Can Depend On!

At real estate planning attorney Erie PA, you work directly with an estate planning lawyer who cares for your needs and desires. 

Though most people prefer DIYing their estate plan, we have heard several stories about clients falling into a false sense of security. Drafting descriptions and words on your own can reduce the efficacy of documents, and the consequences are irreversible. 

More often than not, wrongly written statements make the will invalid. 

At estate lawyers in Erie PA, we connect you with lawyers that offer technical support regarding your matters. 

With years of experience, our estate lawyers in Erie PA help draft wills, living wills, power of attorneys, and more. They explain what you require and why exactly you need it. 

We make the entire estate planning process transparent and state all the costs beforehand. This helps us set realistic expectations with our clients and doesn’t lead to misunderstandings in the long run. 

Besides, if you are someone who finds things are turning against the will of your lost loved one, the lawyers at real estate attorney Erie PA will fight for your rights. Simply put, when working with us, you won’t be deprived of your inheritance. 

We aim to protect your assets and ensure that they are distributed per your unique will. Share with us the desires regarding your estate, and we will take the burden off your shoulders. 

We are here to connect you with the top estate planning attorney Erie PA has to offer!